Sunday, August 19, 2012

To True or not to True...

I am a big fan of this "movement" in the hobby. I always felt that there should be more coherency between the background of WH 40k and actual models.

There are different approaches to the process of enlarging space marines. Some people prefer to use terminator models as a base for tactical marines armor. Some people enlarge the actual gamin bases so marines look taller. Others use a plastic card to increase the dimensions of the stock model.

Personally, I combine the later method with sculpting. I feel that to increase the height of the model is not enough. You also need to increase the width of it.

My Mk III power armor that I used for my Blood Drinker sergeant is mostly sculpted. While I was working on it I tried to keep the "true scale" concept in mind. Below you can see this model next to the sisters of battle and regular marine.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Goden Demon 2012 WIP

Last weekend I went to Chicago for US Golden Demon 2012. As usual it was lots of FUN! It was really nice to meet up with some of my really good friends whom I see only twice a year. Sharing painting ideas/progresses/technics is a nice distraction from every day life...

This time around it was the first year that I went with some hopes to compete for the main prize - Slayer Sword! But once again, this Todd got it. This is his fifth Slayer Sword and as far as I know now there is no one in the world who has more... It is some kind of a record!

My entry was my best work up to date. As usual, I had grand plans of completing an entry for my favorite category - 40k squad... but real life keeps correcting my plans for "hobby life" and I ended up in a 40k single category... With this year entry I put a lot more thought in composition and backstory behind the model. At a later date, when I finally get a camera, I will post pictures of my finished model along with the story behind it. For now, here is the picture of the model after assembly and before it was painted.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Commissar Yarrick!

Today I will continue with another charity project that I finished last year. A good friend of mine, Dave Taylor, offered me a chance to participate in Heroes of Armageddon project and provided me with a chance to work on the center piece of his Steel Legion army - Commissar Yarrick.

At first I was thinking to go with traditional colors (black, red, gold) but after talking to some of my friends I decided to use yellow as an accent color. This will make Yarrick more coherent with the rest of the Steel Legion models.

I was also trying to make this model a bit unique and since I was not allowed to convert it (I had crazy idea of converting Yarrick in a different pose) I decided to sculpt the base...

My first choice was to show Yarrick on top of WW II type trench. But Dave pointed out that Steel Legion is a mobile force that doesn't have much use from trenches.

Since I already started making my base I decided to turn it on to abandoned/destroyed supply base...

Here are couple of WIP views of the base

...and finished product.

I was not able to take a picture of finished Yarrick model due to the fact that I was finishing it the night before my flight to Chicago's GD. Here are some good pictures of my model taken by Dave Taylor.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Will be done!

It has been over a month since I started painting The Curse of Zandri and finally I am happy to report that it was finished last night. The result is not ideal but I quite enjoyed the process. I really hope that who ever wins this ship as part of Adepticon 2012 Dreadfleet project will enjoy playing with it.