Thursday, February 9, 2012

Commissar Yarrick!

Today I will continue with another charity project that I finished last year. A good friend of mine, Dave Taylor, offered me a chance to participate in Heroes of Armageddon project and provided me with a chance to work on the center piece of his Steel Legion army - Commissar Yarrick.

At first I was thinking to go with traditional colors (black, red, gold) but after talking to some of my friends I decided to use yellow as an accent color. This will make Yarrick more coherent with the rest of the Steel Legion models.

I was also trying to make this model a bit unique and since I was not allowed to convert it (I had crazy idea of converting Yarrick in a different pose) I decided to sculpt the base...

My first choice was to show Yarrick on top of WW II type trench. But Dave pointed out that Steel Legion is a mobile force that doesn't have much use from trenches.

Since I already started making my base I decided to turn it on to abandoned/destroyed supply base...

Here are couple of WIP views of the base

...and finished product.

I was not able to take a picture of finished Yarrick model due to the fact that I was finishing it the night before my flight to Chicago's GD. Here are some good pictures of my model taken by Dave Taylor.