Monday, July 30, 2012

Goden Demon 2012 WIP

Last weekend I went to Chicago for US Golden Demon 2012. As usual it was lots of FUN! It was really nice to meet up with some of my really good friends whom I see only twice a year. Sharing painting ideas/progresses/technics is a nice distraction from every day life...

This time around it was the first year that I went with some hopes to compete for the main prize - Slayer Sword! But once again, this Todd got it. This is his fifth Slayer Sword and as far as I know now there is no one in the world who has more... It is some kind of a record!

My entry was my best work up to date. As usual, I had grand plans of completing an entry for my favorite category - 40k squad... but real life keeps correcting my plans for "hobby life" and I ended up in a 40k single category... With this year entry I put a lot more thought in composition and backstory behind the model. At a later date, when I finally get a camera, I will post pictures of my finished model along with the story behind it. For now, here is the picture of the model after assembly and before it was painted.