Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It has been some time…

Greetings! ...to those few who are following this blog and to those who occasionally stumble on it. It has been over a year since I posted any updates and, while I didn't intend to post on a weekly basis, a year of inactivity is a bit too much... I do apologize!

2013 was a really strange and somewhat pivotal year in my life. It brought me a lifelong joy and a lifelong sadness. It was definitely a year that changed me a lot. It was also a year that I missed US Golden Demon competition after attending it for five consecutive years. I really had a great game play for that year but with everything that happened in my personal life I had to put hobby life on hold.

Now, since my life is slowly getting back to normal, I decided to get back to the hobby. For the last two years I have been sculpting/converting a duel and at this point the project reached its completion and I plan to start painting it soon. Here is a little teaser of the duel. With more to come at a later time.

Now, the issue with the duel is that I haven't touched the painting brush since early summer of 2012 and I really have high expectations for this project when it is completed. So, I decided that I need a "warm up" project (maybe two) before I approach the duel. The choice of my first "warm up" model was relatively easy. I wanted to paint something new stylistically and I didn't want to put too much time into conversion, so my choice fell on one of the few good models from LotR range. This model was given to me by my good friend Todd Swanson and I intended to do it justice.

In order to keep myself motivated and have more updates on this blog I decided to document my progress here. So, expect to see at least monthly updates and maybe I will have a little extra time for some other projects as well.